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I would like to present my art, my work, my passion.

I work as a performer to bring subjects to the stage or into public spaces I consider important. With my art I try to touch people, to make them think.

As a CI (Contact Improvisation) dancer I enjoy the composition of the moment, the body, the group, the coincidence.I am particularly interested in interpersonal communication, the connection with oneself, and the flowing acrobatics of dance.

With great joy I share my experiences, insights, questions and research through courses, workshops and performances.
If you would like to read about upcoming events every 3-4 months, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

​My workshops, courses and retreats are also listed in the CI Global Calendar.

I am delighted to be organizing the Contact Time @ SerVivo festival again this year, together with Jennie Zimmermann, at the end of March in Portugal. This time with a focus on Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Centering and Axis Syllabus. All information here.

Here a list of events I attended and I want to share with you:

Past Dates

Performance "Underscore", Contact CompanI, Hamburg, (D) Performance "Dialogos" Casa de Cultura, Setúbal, (PT) Arrábida Dance Gathering, SerVivo, Palmela, (PT) Nordtanz Festival, near Hamburg, Germany Tänzer at Le Royal Cabanon, Rogne, (F) Contact Time @ Waldhof #1, Zukunftsdorf Waldhof, (D) Contact Time @ SerVivo #1, Palmela, (PT) Nordtanz Festival, Wendland, (D) Contact Improvisation Fortbildung Köln, (D) Centers of Practice: Continuing Nancy Stark Smith’s Research, (online) OsterImproFestival, Göttingen, (D) Fuerteventura Contact Improvisation Festival, (ES) Porter et voler, CI Workshop, Marseille, (F) Contact Improvisation - oder eine Reise ins Unbekannte, Feldberg, (D) Listening bodies, CI Workshop Dresden, (D) January Workshop with Nancy Stark Smith, Massachusetts, USA Zoom in - zoom out, CI Workshop, Hamburg, (D) Contact Training, K77, Berlin, (D) Mühelos Fliegen, CI Workshop, Rostock, (D) CI Workshop, Chambérry, (F) CI Festival Dresden, (D) Contact Time @ Steigemühle #7, (D) Contact meets Contemporary Festival, Göttingen, (D) ECITE, European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange, Kiew, Ukraine nature, dance & I, ein 5-Tages retreat in La Semilla, Galicien, (ES) Global Underscore, Marseille, (F) Festival de Contact Improvisation, Marseille, (F) "Dance, Drop, Dare" CI Workshop, Hamburg, (D) New Years Contact Festival, Berlin, (D) 5 Days - 8 Jams, Moskau, (RUS) January Workshop & Long Dance (Co-Organisator), MA&CT, (USA) Performance: "soft catastrophism", Artist Homes, Berlin, (D) Dance theatre: "Designed to die?", Nah Dran - Ada Studios, Berlin, (D)

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