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When I first encountered contact improvisation I was fascinated by its variety and its different layers – the intense sensing of one's own body, the offering of weight and control in a trustful way to others, the nonverbal communication, the often authentic way to move, flowing acrobatic movements – all this was stunning for me.

Over the years I developed an interest and joy about the principles of contact improvisation and the forms which can develop out of it, especially the ones which need more than one body, such as lifts and jumps which involve landing on other bodies. The most interesting part for me is to not just the training of the form but playing with these principles and still maintaining a lightness throughout.


Naturally it is sometimes helpful to explore some figures in a technical way. Also, having a look at the structure of the human body can be helpful to move other bodies with a minimum effort (even if these are heavier than the own body).

Through this exploration I developed the workshop "Jump into contact".


Again and again the communication of contact improvisation is amazing for me. It is happening on a nonverbal, body level. Sometimes after the dance, I think it's very enriching to bring this on a verbal level.

If we can take these communication skills out of the studio I am convinced that we can change our life, and the greater social life, for the better.


This is what gives me the motivation to work as a teacher, organizer, coordinator and supporter of festivals and workshops such as the Fuerteventura Contact Festival, Nancy Stark Smith Long Dance, Osterimpro, Contact Time @ Steigemühle, among others.